General Information

Interest in semantic annotations and providing structured, well-formed and semantically consistent content data is rapidly growing. With this, the development of artificial intelligence, semantic technologies and applications based on semantic content is intensifying. Traditional websites are becoming increasingly difficult to find on the web and are therefore losing importance. To gain a certain visibility and be found in chatbots and personal digital assistants, such as: Facebook Messenger chatbots, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Google Home, Siri and so on, the best option is to use modern technologies and semantic annotations. With annotations the visibility of the website increases through search engine optimization (SEO) and the website content becomes usable for third-party software (assistance systems) and therefore valuable.

Link to the description document: GS_Semantic_Annotation

Intelligent Personal Assistant

Demo of the Alexa Skill for finding hiking roads in Tyrol (German and English version):


Demo of the General Solution chatbot> is available in the bottom right corner. It is using real GeneralSolutions data about Seefeld region. and knows to answer questions about:

Chatbot answers the questions:

1. GeneralSoluions hiking and bicycle tours:
– “Ich suche einfache Touren”
– “Wo kann ich Rad fahren?”
– “Wo kann ich wandern?”
– “Ich will auf eine leichte Radtour gehen”
– “Gibt es schwere Wadertouren in Scharnitz?”
– “Zeige mir eine leichte Wandertour in Leutasch”
– “Gibt es mittelschwere Touren für Familien in Mösern?”


 2. Weather:
– “Wie ist das Wetter in Scharnitz?”
– “Wie warm ist es am Mittwoch in Seefeld? ”

3. SmallTalk:
– “Was ist das beste Getränk?”
– “Was ist der Sinn des Lebens?”